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A cartoon by Christopher Weyant. Click-through for a slide show of more wine-themed cartoons from our archive: http://nyr.kr/1mYJr3A
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Something for my feminist theory class.

I’d love to see the reactions to this from a crowd. I can kind of imagine a quiet, solemn understanding from the ladies and a lot of confused questions from the guys… If my memory of art school serves me.

I’m a guy and I just sort of paused and stared in silent horror because of what must it be like to carry all that with you. I can see this being a real setup for someone’s keys and that saddens me.

I actually had to sit and think a second to see what all of these even were :/

the thing that looks like a cat is actually a form of brass knuckles. add to that the whistle, not found on most men’s keychains, and it tells a very scary story using no words at all.

*sigh* looks like my keychain

not to mention the pepper spray
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no one should scroll past this

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"Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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